Consultation and coaching can support you in:

  • Clarifying responsibilities and roles, e.g. when a dispute emerges in your team
  • Focusing on the essential, e.g. when experiencing a feeling of overload and exhaustion
  • Reflecting on your motivation for your own work, e.g. if your work seems pointless
  • Realising and using your own resources
  • Naming potentials and limits of your work, e.g. by uncovering paralysing structures
  • Dealing with power gaps, e.g. within gender or leadership issues
  • Providing clarification upon difficult decisions
  • Providing relief
  • And other issues.

Consultation for whom?

 I work with persons and organisations who are involved in peacebuilding in the broadest sense. These include, for example: 

  • civil experts
  • staff from civil peace services, peace ministries, and organisations of development cooperation
  •  staff from peacebuilding and peace education NGOs
  •  staff from church institutions and projects who are involved in peace education and international cooperation 
  •  staff from political and societal foundations 
  •  peace activists
  •  and others. 

How do I work?


I am a trained conflict consultant according to A.T.C.C. („L’Approche et Transformation Constructives de Conflits“). This approach is grounded on humanistic psychology and based on a systemic understanding. More information about A.T.C.C. can be found here (in German). 

Depending on your needs, I offer individual and team consultation, process support, coaching, supervision, facilitation, and workshops.