About me

I have dealt with peace as an academic for a long time. I love the topic because I find it meaningful and important, and because I am fascinated to see time and again how a well led conflict does not necessarily lead to destruction but can instead create releasing change. I have a PhD from the Department of Peace Studies of the University of Bradford (U.K.), and I have lived and worked in Germany, the U.K., El Salvador, and Honduras. 

At some point, I realised I was not satisfied with thinking, researching, and teaching about conflicts; instead I wanted to shape and experience transformation processes myself. Thus, I continued my education by training as a conflict consultant and coach for two years. Also, I have two children who have taught me a lot about constructive arguing. Now, I use not only my knowledge but my practical experience and my perception to work with peacebuilders. I live in Leipzig, Germany, but I like travelling and I work in Germany, internationally an online. 


  • Conflict Consultant and Coach according to A.T.C.C. (Group Relation, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Counselling, Systemic Constellations, fears and needs in conflicts, aggression and violence in conflict, behavioural patterns, leadership in social organisations, biography work, A.T.C.C. power space model, A.T.C.C. culture diamant, value-oriented counselling)
  • PhD in Peace Studies (University of Bradford)
  • M.A. in Political Science, Sociology and Intercultural Business Communication (University of Jena)
  • CAT-Training (Civic Action and Transformation)
  • Summer Academy on the Art of Conflict Transformation (IICP)
  • Training in didactics in teaching peace and conflict
  • Training in field research at sites of violence
  • Summer Schools on conflicts in Subsaharan Africa and Latin America


  • Individual counselling of self-employed, professionals, and executives (associations, training centres, political foundations, organisations for international cooperation) 
  • Team counselling of an association 
  • Couples counselling
  • Private individual counselling
  • International workshops and trainings for Master and PhD students on peacebuilding, security politics, and research strategies as well as for volunteers for anti-discrimination work
  • Facilitation of meetings  of civil society groups and security actors
  • Interviews with security actors (police, prisons, military, civil society, politicians) 
  • University teaching assignments
  • Research Analyst for a democracy project 
  • Conference talks 
  • Coordination of research projects 
  • Editorial and publishing work
  • Election observer at the Salvadorian presidential elections